Protect your pickup bed with a Tonneau Cover

At Palo Cedro’s Tonneau Central, we have the Tonneau cover you’ve been looking for.

What is a Tonneau cover?

If you have to ask, then you are in for a treat. Tonneau covers protect and secure the bed of your pickup while enhancing its appearance. It is a utility and an accessory, and once you have a Tonneau, you’ll probably never go without.


Without a Tonneau cover, your pickup bed is open to harsh weather elements. As it gets scratched, wet, and dirty, the integrity of the pickup bed lessens as rust and wear gets through. Tonneau covers keep the sun and rain from the bed’s surface, and they also keep the bed clean.


Tonneau covers can be locked, which means tools and other random items that are often thrown into a pickup bed can be secured. The typical pickup bed has a number of expensive tools insecurely tossed into it at any given time. Not anymore. This keeps opportunistic thieves from acquiring items that belong to you.


To put a Tonneau cover on your pickup is to add a sleek look to your vehicle. Not only does it keep the bed of the pickup looking nicer, but people cannot see the mess underneath. The Tonneau cover allows you to look perfect regardless of what’s underneath.

Types of Tonneau Covers

  • Soft/Hard/Combo: Soft covers fold up easily for storage and are less expensive. Hard covers are built from fiberglass and are much like adding a trunk cover to your pickup bed. There are also combination covers with hard frames but soft covers and low profile covers that attach within the bed.
  • Roll up: The advantage to roll up Tonneau covers is that they can securely role up when the load is too big, but they can also easily be rolled out again.
  • Fold up: The ability to access the bed of the pick up but still have a hard cover is the main selling point of fold up Tonneau covers.
  • Retractable: The primary benefit of retractable Tonneau covers is their low profile. They do not add any height to the bed.
  • Hinged: Hinged Tonneau covers lift like the hood, and they are easily secured. They ultimately deliver the best theft deterrence while maintaining accessibility.

Tonneau Central has all this and more available at their store in Palo Cedro, and the only way you’ll know you bought the best Tonneau out there is to go down and talk to their experts. They have custom Tonneau toolboxes too!