Fusion Bumpers For Your Truck: Finding the Right Fit

Why Add On To Your Bumper?

For a lot of car buyers, making modifications to your car can be slightly terrifying. After all, you probably bought the car partially if not completely because of how it looked. Altering it could completely change how you see your car and also how others see it. However, there are many credible reasons to upgrade your bumper, and they can ultimately preserve your car’s original beauty. If you are concerned about the look of your car but still want superior protection, consider a fusion bumper.

Fusion Bumpers vs. Grille Guards

Grille Guards are especially popular in the country. Deer, moose and elk are all prevalent where farming is abundant. Approximately 1.5 million accidents that are deer caused take place in the United States each year. Because a lot of farming and truck work takes place at dawn and dusk, when deer and moose are most active, this makes having a grille guard optimal for non-city drivers. On the chance that you don’t see a deer when you are driving, grille guards offer protection for the body of the car that normally would not be in place with your regular bumper.

Fusion bumpers are also a good protective option, but do not offer the same protection that grille guards do. Additionally, with their heavy metal frame they are not ideal for all cars. To understand why you might want a fusion bumper, it is important to know about fusion bumpers themselves.

The Purpose of a Fusion Bumper

Fusion bumpers are thick bumpers usually made of steel which are good for pushing things (like brush, hay, etc.) and allowing things like a winch or extra lights to be added to your car. Fusion bumpers are made to blend in with your car, which is optimal for someone who would like protection but doesn’t like the look of a grille guard. Often, Fusion Bumper companies will also allow you to customize the color of the bumper or buy it with no color on it, which is good for those who like to maintain or build their own cars.

While these bumpers do not provide the same sort of protection as a deer grill guard, they do offer different perks. For instance, if you were stuck in the mud and had a winch hooked up to this bumper, you would have an easier time getting out. Additionally, with the option to add more lights on to your car, it will give you superior lighting and the ability to see deer better. Adding lights can easily be done on your own time, so in addition to saving money on the body work that would come from not being able to see a deer you can also save by installing lights yourself on your fusion bumper.

Ultimately, adding a bumper to your car is a big decision. But if you are sold on the idea of a fusion bumper, check out these fusion bumpers.