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Tonneau Cover Info

https://www.realtruck.com/tonneau-covers/6-questions-to-ask-when-buying-a-tonneau-cover/ This site asks and answers five common questions about Tonneau covers, which will leave you more prepared for purchase.

https://www.thetonneaucoverstore.com/news/what-the-hell-is-a-tonneau-cover-how-did-it-get-that-goofy-name/ It turns out, Tonneau covers have an inexplicable name. It isn’t their name that sells them. This site notes the benefits of the cover.

Truck Customization

http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Truck-Look-Cool  wikiHow actually gives good advice for those struggling with customization.

http://www.stylintrucks.com/ Yes, you can get flames behind your speedometer. Stylin Trucks has the details you are looking for when customizing your truck.

http://www.scorpioncoatings.com/ways-trick-truck/ If you want to trick your truck, Scorpion happily recommends starting points, The company also offers premium tinting and bedliner services.

That’s not Legal!

http://www.zeroto60times.com/2015/06/11-common-illegal-car-modifications/ Modification is great, but there are some common modifications that people don’t know are illegal.

http://traffic.findlaw.com/traffic-tickets/unlawful-vehicle-modifications-state-laws.html To ensure your modification is legal, check state regulations.


http://www.caranddriver.com/flipbook/pick-em-up-the-51-coolest-trucks-of-all-time#4 This is less about customization and more about awesome cars throughout history, but we love it.

http://gearheads.org/9-top-mods-for-your-pickup-truck/  Some common mods taken to the extreme.

http://www.fullredneck.com/coolest-red-trucks-ford-and-chevy/ Red trucks never looked so cool, but these trucks show us that it’s all in the details.

We want to include everything you could use to customize your vehicle on this page, so let us know what we’ve missed. Contact us.