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We want to Hear From You!

Do you have a story like Don’s that makes you passionate about trucks and their accompanying covers? Are you a business that sells Tonneau truck covers? We really want to hear your story. If you can:

  • Write a 400+ word post that is uniquely yours (and no one else’s!)
  • Make a commitment to share your post on Facebook, Google+ or somewhere where people can see it
  • Let us have the rights to the post (meaning, don’t copy and paste and send to another blog. We’re a blog, not an advertisement platform!)

Then please send us your work. All work must be, in some way, related to Tonneau covers. We can be flexible in accommodating your creativity, but we still do have an audience we need to cater to.

All submissions must be run by our admin, who can be reached here. If interested, please write us with your name, why you are interested in our blog, what you plan on writing about, and your business (if applicable). Please make sure to read our blog before you submit anything!